Affordable Decor: Inexpensive Ways to Redecorate Your Home

A home should reflect ones personal style. But what if your bedroom, living room or kitchen doesn’t reveal the real you? It’s time to redecorate.
The rooms showcased in magazines such as Better Homes and Gardens and House Beautiful can make it seem as though a fabulous décor is financially out of reach. Not to worry. There are some inexpensive ways you can make the most of your space.

Paint. You won’t find a more inexpensive way to spruce up a room than a good paint job. Try a bold new color or a decorative paint technique. And you can do the work yourself. Boost your confidence by taking a free class at one of the major home improvement stores such as Home Depot or Lowes. If you have a friend or family member available to help, invite them over to work with you. You’ll be more focused on your portion of the work and cover more area in less time.

Rearrange. You can work with the furniture you already have. If you have no idea where to start, consider picking up a book on feng shui. It will guide you to the right arrangement to bring peace to your home. Look in magazines to see how furniture is placed in rooms similar to yours.

If you still need help, hire an interior decorator or someone that stages homes for sale. They can take a look at your room layout, assess your furnishings and suggest a new and refreshing way to reposition things. You’ll spend money on their expertise, but save on the cost of new furniture. Be open to bringing in items from other rooms and removing some items.

Declutter. If you long for a stylish room, but have so much clutter you can barely see the floor, you’ll have to clean up and clear some things out. The clutter itself could be the main reason you can’t fully enjoy your room. Get rid of nick knacks and even some unnecessary furniture and see how you feel. A minimalist approach might be just what you need to hold you over until you’re once again in the mood to decorate.

Add plants. Maybe your room just needs a little life. Adding a few potted plants can give it the boost it needs. There are a variety of houseplants to choose from including colorful blooms and leafy plants. Select plants to complement your décor. Make sure to read up on optimum growing conditions when purchasing and placing plants around your home.

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