Spring Decorating Ideas for the Career Woman on the Go

Spring is a time of renewal in nature and in our lives. It can bring a sense of refreshment and newness that seemed to disappear in the winter. For the career woman, any sense of refreshment is welcome, but often it is hard to stop and enjoy what spring has to offer. One way to feel the mood of spring is to decorate with spring in mind. Here are some burgeoning ideas:


If you don’t have alot of time to spend, there are still ways to bring spring into your life. The first is with the colors of spring. Start with the house. Most likely, in the winter, your house became decorated with dark colors and heavy fabrics, such as red velvet tablerunners and heavy fabric curtains. One way to bring on the spring is to change the color theme in the home.

For the busy-minded, this could best be accomplished by picking one color or color theme. For instance, choose light yellow, mint green, or sky blue as a theme. Use lighter fabrics for the curtains, and buy a lace tablerunner to brighten up the table. A great way to brighten up any room is with spring-colored fresh flowers, such as daffodils or lilacs.

For the budget-minded career woman, you might want to purchase plastic flowers that come scented, so that you still have the spring smell, but don’t have to replace the flowers as often. If you can’t find fake flowers that are scented, try buying a bottle of the fresh scent you like, such as a room-freshener, and spraying it directly onto the flowers.


After starting with the house, then work on yourself. In essence, decorate yourself! There are many ways to become more like spring. The first is with choice of makeup. Try wearing lighter shades of everything. Instead of red lipstick or even a solid color, try just wearing a clear gloss or a light shade of pink or brown.

Following in line with this, instead of a green or blue eyeshadow, try something that is closer to the color of your skin and just gives a slight hue and lightening. Any pastel color or light earth tone will work in the makeup area. Trying something new with your hair is also a good idea. Instead of wearing your hair down, try wearing it up and perhaps putting a flower in your hair, or some type of flowered barrette. A new spring hairstyle might be just the thing.

Even lightening the shade of your hair would work. If you have dark brown hair, perhaps go with a medium or light-brown color. As for haircuts, pick something that shows more of your face. Clothes is an essential part of bringing out the spring butterfly. Consider pastel colors in your wardrobe, even if it means wearing a light pink blouse under a black suit. Break out the more open shoes, instead of wearing just boots. Wear sheer pantyhose instead of colored ones.


Next, look at your yard. There are many opportunities here to change. This is a great time to get the yard in gear, and start mowing. Try planting flowers, especially ones that will bloom every year in the spring. Some bulb flowers include the daffodil, tulip, and hyacinth. A nice spring flowering plant is the lilac, and spring flowering tree is the cherry blossom.

Other options for the yard would include putting out bird feeders to draw singing birds into the yard, and planting vines. This is the time to think of all types of home-improvement projects for the yard. For instance, perhaps you could start to build a pergola for the vines to grow on. Grape vines get beautiful white flowers on them, and would grow to cover the pergola.

Inner Self

Finally, think of decorating your soul. It’s not just about the exterior things that make spring come to life, it also has to do with your interior. What would make you feel like spring? Taking a vacation for yourself, going to a spa, starting some new exercise program?

Yoga and pilates are two that come to mind that could help set you at ease and bring the joy of spring within. With a spring attitude, all the exterior facelifts to yourself, home and yard will become much more real. Spring cleaning, in any sense, will help free the mind and soul for new beginnings.

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